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Demon Slayer is one of my favorite anime and here's why...

Demon Slayer has been one of the most hyped animes of 2019, with Ufotable being the studio behind it. Although it has been accounted for as an anime with “lazy story writing,” and “over-used ideas”, it is one of my favorite animes and here’s why...

Demon Slayer surely had an interesting and gripping start, with the introduction of our main protagonist ‘Tanjirou’ along with the fictional setting of their world. Tanjirou is portrayed as a hard-working young boy who sells coal to support his family. He has a ‘good nose’ and by ‘good’ I think they mean extraordinary. The ability to smell blood and even traps almost seem metaphorical. As the story goes on, Tanjirou trains hard and becomes a demon slayer to hunt down the demon who presumably is responsible for his sister, ‘Nezuko’ turning into and demon and also murdering… Right, I won't go on with the story as I don’t want to include any spoilers.

The characters in this show have a proper background story to them and it doesn’t seem like the author included flashbacks or backstories just for the sake of it. And as for the story – it has no-nonsense, every single scene has some relevance with the story. No topic seems that it has been dragged and stretched longer than needed, making it a fast-paced Shonen adventure fiction anime. That leads us to our final point – the fight scenes. The fight scenes are the most engaging scenes of the anime. The beautiful vivid colors and the high-class animation makes it easier to track every attack. It’s not like when one person is attacking another, and you have no idea who is hitting who and are even unable to determine who is winning and who is losing. Consistent and epic music makes you lose yourself in the action itself. A very good example is episode 19 – Hinokami, the most loved episode of demon slayer. Ufotable outdid itself with this episode, from the visuals to the OST, it will surely grab your seat or the person beside you, trust me.

With beautiful eye-pleasing scenes (not including the gory ones) detailed designing of the characters, the background, and the landscapes, you ought to love the animation and art style. The music has a consistency to it and the plot is surely interesting. Although many critics say that it is an ‘overused’ plot, and at the end, it is the very same ‘Tanjirou saving the day and being the hero,’ the way it has been executed is truly applaudable. Even though the outcome becomes quite predictable after a point, it still hooks you on till the very end. Demon Slayer may not have the best humor or even originality, but there are still many reasons to love it and enjoy it till the very end.


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