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DreamEnhanced 1 - The attack

Dream Enhanced is a series where I pick the best dream of the week and turn it into an exaggerated yet funny narrative.


It was a new day. The sun had risen, and I got out of my bed. Lousy and groggy as I was, I hopped out and walked towards the kitchen. A hot cup of coffee. What a wonderful way to start your day isn’t it? After having my daily cup of caffeine, I grabbed my electric toothbrush and smudged some paste onto it. Time to give my teeth a shine. As I was looking in the mirror, I noticed a note stuck on the glass. I squinted my eyes to see what it was…

“Hey son, I have gone to the doc, could you please buy some fresh vegetables from the street vendor while I am away?

Love, mom”

I sighed. Well, a busy morning is the best way to start your day so why not. “It will be a nice bit of exercise,” I thought to myself. I slipped my trousers on and wore my best T-shirt only to realize that it was the other way round. Mornings are always drowsy. I really was not in the mood to step out, but I had no choice. So, while chatting to myself in the mirror, I combed my hair, strapped on my best watch, and wrapped myself around with my cosy overcoat. Slamming the door behind me, I left the apartment.

There was something different in the air today. It smelled strange. I could hear dogs barking in the distance and there was no one to be seen on the streets. Weird, I thought. Slowly, thick fog clouded in front of me. The white mist blinded me. It was as if I were standing with my face in the clouds. The barking of the dogs got louder and the fog got heavier. By then, I was having trouble breathing.

“Help, anybody?” I cried. But it was pointless, my voice dispersed in the air to be heard by no one. I could hear footsteps approaching, fast and agile, could it be someone coming to my rescue? Unfortunately, I was wrong. Gradually the fog cleared up and blurry figures came into my sight. I rubbed my eyes…dogs.

A strong pack of dogs stood in front of me. Not hound dogs or any such breed, but street dogs, dogs that were homeless and considered inferior to the posh breeds.

One of them spoke, “We have had enough, our lives have been full of misery and now we cannot tolerate this anymore. We dogs have always been so loyal to fellow humans, considering them as our friends, but we have always been betrayed by humanity. It is about time we fought back and protected our kind. It is time to shine boys!”

I was petrified, what was going on? I looked here and there hoping there was someone to help me and wake me up from this nightmare, but there was not anybody to be seen. The dogs started walking towards me, which turned into a trot and then a sprint. They ruthlessly charged towards me, ready to crush me at their feet. My brain stopped functioning. My gears were at a halt. Was it still the drowsiness playing tricks on me? No, it could not be. I closed my eyes and placed my hands on my ears. There was none who could save me. Few minutes passed and nothing happened. I gathered the courage to open my eyes. To my surprise, the dogs had run right past me!

I turned around; they were charging towards the apartment! I could not comprehend why would they do so. As I watched, still unable to move due to the shock, the dogs charged at the gates, entering the compound. I knew I had to do something, but I just could not. I had to save my neighbours and my friends; they were in trouble. But alas, I was of no use.

The dogs climbed up the stairs, I could see piles of bodies being hurdled down the windows. They had killed them! Tears rolled down my eyes and my heart were filled with sorrow and pain. At the top of the building stood a dog with a crown on his head. They had captured the building, which would probably serve as their base in this war they had begun. Behind the dog with the crown on his head stood a person. A woman, to be precise. I took a few steps so that I could get a clear sight of who it was.

“Who are you?” I shouted at the top of my lungs, making sure she could hear me.

No reply.

Slowly the woman moved out of the shadows and her face was clearly visible to me. I was stunned, shocked and astonished! My eyes were lying to me, it could not be! Her hair, her eyes, her deep black glasses, it was my mother!!!


Well, that’s where the dream ended, and I was just as disappointed as you must be to be left at a cliffhanger. Next week, I will be back with another one just as crazy as this one.

Signing off,



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