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How to start learning something new!

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Often when you venture out to start learning something new, you might be a bit hesitant, it is natural. You may tend to overthink many things and might even lose interest in the process. Or maybe you are way too excited and start working on it right away, and then find yourself slowly losing momentum. Let’s learn how you could effectively start your adventure and maintain your hunger for knowledge till the very end.


A common mistake between those who are about to step into the world of productivity is the wait for motivation, wait for the spark that will somehow push us to get something done. Jeff Haden talks about this idea in his book, “Motivation is a Myth.” He mentions that it is unnecessary to wait for the so-called, “spark” and that motivation is something you can create by yourself. “If you put in efforts, you will get results, you will make progress, that feels good and that gives you enough motivation to carry you to the next day so you can get up and do whatever is on your plan” he mentions in his Ted Talk.

Essentially, when you start making progress and observe results, you start getting motivated to work further on it and put in more effort. There is no need to wait for the ‘motivation’ to get started, instead, taking action first is what will result in motivation. This is a cycle – the progress and success you notice along the way will become the driving force that keeps on pushing you.


Before starting on an adventure, it is important to plan out every aspect of it first, to have a good glance at the map, check whether you could cover any more locations along the way and how to maximise the fun you are about to experience on your journey.

  1. Topic – Which field will you be working in? Are there any related sub-categories that might also interest you, which you would be able to do along with your work? For e.g. If I am learning the piano, I might also want to dive in more to the music theory side or maybe learn how to use DAWs to create music to get a better understanding of the topic overall and master the subject in most aspects.

  2. Resources – Research and find out resources that will help you in your incredible journey. You may want to join a course or use online resources to self-study. It is important to figure out how you would go about the learning process. Which method suits you the best? Are you more of a self-study person or do you need guidance to have a better understanding of things?

  3. Benefits - While starting something new you need to acknowledge the motive behind it and prioritize the act. If you want to start learning a new language, it is because you have plans to visit the country in the future or are you doing it just for fun? Anything could act as a motive. Is learning a new language adding value to your identity? Is it something for which I should spare time each day? These are some questions which you should answer yourself. Once you start understanding the long-term benefits, it adds an extra push towards achieving your goal.


Knowledge compounds the same way interest does in business. Think of the effort you are putting in right now as a long-term investment. Keep learning every day and your efforts will compound and yield great results. Keep the fire and desire to learn always burning. Try changing your mindset, it is never that you don’t have time to go to the gym, it is that you do not consider going to the gym important enough to MAKE time for it.

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