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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

So recently I had an assignment for music which was to write a rap about ‘Lockdown.’ Being the lazy person I am, I opened my laptop and searched up ‘Random Rap Generator’ hoping that such a website exists which uses AI and algorithms to make a rap or something like that. Surprised that such a site does actually exist, I had to try it out.

I quickly filled out all the boxes and waited for the results. My expectations were pretty low and uhh this was the result (and my Grammarly definitely didn’t like it) …

Yeah, yeah

Ayo, My people, it’s time.

It’s time, My people (aight, My people, begin).

Straight out the Fat dungeons of rap.

The couch drops deep as does my house.

I never Watch, ‘cause to Watch is the Mother of mouse.

Beyond the walls of Studies, life is defined.

I think of Lockdown when I’m in a London state of mind.

Hope the blouse got some warehouse.

My grouse don’t like no dirty powerhouse.

Run up to the spouse and get the mouse.

In a London state of mind.

What more could you ask for? The boring couch?

You complain about Bored.

I gotta love it though – somebody still speaks for the grouch.

I’m rappin’ to the Soap,

And I’m gonna move your rope.

Annoying, lifeless, entertainment, like a Netflix

Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a grouch.

I can’t take the Bored, can’t take the Cooking.

I woulda tried to Wash I guess I got no booking.

I’m rappin’ to the rope,

And I’m gonna move your Soap.

Yea, yaz, in a London state of mind.

When I was young my Mother had a crouch.

I waz kicked out without no slouch.

I never thought I’d see that grouch.

Ain’t a soul alive that could take my Mother’s pouch.

A Frustrating Mask is quite the cask.

Thinking of Lockdown. Yaz, thinking of Lockdown (Lockdown).

This rap did give me a good chuckle. Surely I could not submit this as my project although it would be pretty funny to see my music teacher react to it. So I decided to tweak it up a bit and give it a nice polished look. First, I replaced a few lines that did not make sense AT ALL and there was a whole lot of them! After some time, I started to give up, I was changing almost every line and it was taking me forever (partly because my brain wasn’t ready to corporate), finally, I gave up.


Yes. I have returned. I will not give up. I will fight till the very end and achieve success. Nope, none of these was the reason that I had come back to edit the rap. The only reason I came back was that the project was to be submitted within a few hours and my music teacher is a bit scary. But luckily, this time, my brain was on fire. I started typing as if the end of the world is approaching. Ideas rushed in my head. The rap was approaching its end. I had finally conquered it and victory was mine. I was quite proud of the end result. I had ended up writing a major section myself. Now let me present you with ‘THE LOCKDOWN RAP’ by ‘GONZOBONZO’ (my artist name which doesn’t make any sense).

Yeah, yeah

Ayo, My people, it's time.

It's time, My people (aight, My people, begin).

Straight out of the depths of my big brain.

I’ve been in, not gone out of the house

This home once felt big but now it's tiny like a mouse

Beyond the walls of Studies, life is defined.

I think of my friends when I'm in a Lockdown state of mind

In a Lockdown state of mind.

What more could you ask for? The boring couch?

You complain about boredom but

I gotta love it or I’m gonna be a grouch

Oh, its Sunday got to get some soap

Everyday feels like I’m tied to a rope

The frustrating mask is more than I can cope

Gotta take more protection than the holy pope

Oh boi,

Let’s go

I’m bored I’m bored

I can’t take the load

I’m bored I’m bored

Haven’t seen the road

I’m bored, I’m bored

Feel like I wanna cry

Wasted 3 hours staring at a butterfly

Put some noodles on the pan, let it fry

Let’s watch some movie, I prefer sci-fi

Do some math sums, simplify?

Cook some food, make mince-pie

Listen to Trump – a very wise guy

Look at the calendar – It’s the end of July

Throw some darts, and it’s a bull’s eye!

Plant a seed, I want a Bonsai

Put the clothes on a hanger, let them dry

I wish I could believe it’s all a lie

It’s all a lie

Yea, Ya, in a Lockdown state of mind.

In the Locked down, yeah, in the lockdown (lockdown)


Contact me at elementyato@gmail.com for the copyrights of this song. No, just kidding loll.

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