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Skills you could improve to save a lot of time!

Typing faster

You might not realize it but increasing your typing speed can be a big asset. Nowadays almost 2/3rd of professional activities requires skills on the computer and even students are required to use various gadgets for the completion of homework and other assignments. An average person has a typing speed of 40wpm and most people use the hunt and peck method of typing where you are staring at your keyboard, finding the key you want to hit.

An effective way to type is to use the 10 fingers method which uses muscle memory and finger placements to achieve a much faster typing speed. A great website to learn how to type is typingacademy.com. You can train your fingers to memorize the positions of all the keys on the keyboard and type peacefully without having to look at the keyboard.

A fast typing speed can save more time than you can imagine, here is a table to give you an estimate:

With a typing speed of 85/90 wpm, you would be saving hours each week! By typingacademy.com and 10fastfingers I have increased my typing speed from 25wpm to 50wpm in just 10 days. Isn’t that fabulous!

Going to sleep faster

This might sound funny and crazy but believe me, it actually works. How many times have you been twisting and tossing on the bed before finally falling asleep around one hour later? Well, I have. And with some research, I have found some methods which helped me doze off way faster than ever before. These methods have really helped me save time and helped me wake up without snoozing my alarm a dozen times. I will be sharing the tips that helped me the most(to read the whole article click here)

1. Make sure to do a healthy amount of exercise every day so that by the end of the day you are tired and ready to doze off.

2. Take a shower before going to bed. Your body temperature changes as you fall asleep. Your body cools down when you lie down and warms up when you get up. Shower with lukewarm or warm water so that when you come out of the shower your body feels a drop in temperature, this can send a signal to your brain to go to sleep (Showering with cold or hot water stimulates your mind and body which is the opposite of what you want to do so avoid it.)

3. The Military Method – This routine was designed to help pilots fall asleep in 2mins or less. It took the pilots about six weeks but it worked- even after drinking caffeine and with gunfire noises in the background. It has worked for me as well!

Bonus tip: Alfred/Wox

So I recently found Wox for windows and this launcher has literally saved me a lot of time. Usually, when I want to open a file, I open folders and then lots of subfolders before opening the document. Wox helps me search all my files and even search google without opening it first making my work a lot faster. On the mac, you can use Alfred with which you can make custom hotkeys to speed up your work.

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