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It's not what the people think, it is what Apple thinks. Apple introduced the notch for the first time on 3rd November 2017 with the release of their new iPhone X. At first, the design was mocked but android rivals quickly followed along. Apple is known for doing something "Different." At the start, they usually are made fun of, but the community slowly starts accepting it, mostly because they do not have a choice but are obliged to buy a product. All that they want is a phone that can send iMessages to friends and integrate with other apple devices. In Apple terms, "it just works."

Along with the iPhone X, iPhone introduced Face ID which was an outstanding security feature which no company had ever done before and still haven't. It used a dedicated set of sensors called "TrueDepth Camera System." Each time you glance at your iPhone X (or newer), the TrueDepth camera system will detect your face with a flood illuminator, even in the dark.

An infrared camera will then take an image, and a dot projector will project out over 30,000 invisible infrared dots. This system uses the infrared image and the infrared dots, to create a mathematical model of your face. It was fast and reliable and people loved it.

Apple has always had a reputation for being different. It almost seems like they are in a world of their own. Apple behaves as if competition does not even exist, whereas companies like Samsung are making dedicated adverts to mock apple. The TrueDepth Camera was their own innovation and they would not give it up so easily, not until they have a better design that can beat the current one. Sure, Apple could have also used the hole punch camera or a pop-up camera or even a waterdrop notch but that would ruin the reputation Apple has built over the years.

As of 2021, this design is over 3 years old. There are some who do not mind the notch but some are getting tired of it. In the upcoming phones, the notch will be smaller(but will still be there) until they have something new and innovative, like a hidden camera setup.

I personally am excited to see what apple does and what they replace the notch with. With every year passing by, the pressure for a new phone design increases, so to cope with the demands, Apple needs to introduce something that people will love. But then again, it is not what the people think, it is what Apple thinks."

- Yato


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